About the Author

A little about me….

I am a published author and illustrator. I have been professionally writing and illustrating for over 20 years and LOVE my job!

I have written and illustrated three picture books and a YA fantasy novel. I have also illustrated others’ books as well.

To inquire about any of the services I provide as an author & Illustrator / teacher @therustypalette : E mail Erin

I love teaching just as much as writing and illustrating.

I have created two Youtube channels.

The Altered Storybook Theater Co.

This channel is for the writer in me and is dedicated to interacting with ALL of my readers.

It is here that I host book readings, altered story time paper puppet workshops, and imagination exercise workshops.

The Rusty Palette Altered Art Studio Channel

The Rusty Palette Altered Art Blog. (my Art blog)

This is the place where the artist in me holds art workshops for the young and the old. My workshops here include:


  • Acrylic Painting on Canvas
  • Mixed Media Collage on Canvas Board


  • Mail Art Workshop
  • Altered Book / Art Journaling Workshop

4 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. I just met you yesterday sitting in your tent in Salem. I was so taken with your piece “Words Hurt” I had to stop and take a picture of it. I wish so badly I could have afforded it – I have never been so moved by a piece of art in my life. Your style is bold and unique and almost surreal…I will be following your work from now on. Looking forward to checking out your kids books too πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you SO much, it really means a lot to me when my art reaches somebody’s heart. Thank you for appreciating it and following me, and keep your eye out for prints of that one… Many people liked that one πŸ™‚


  2. I recently met Erin when a friend invited me to a paint party at her home. I immediately found Erin to not only be an extremely nice, funny, personable soul, but she is an amazing artist! Love the work she does, and she is a wonderfully, patient teacher! I never thought I would ever paint anything! I have learned many techniques already from just two classes I have had with her. As much fun as I have had at paint and wine places elsewhere, I did not learn brush techniques, how to mix colors properly, shading, etc. and did not get the quality, personal attention that Erin gives wholeheartedly. She has an awesome sense of humor that keeps us laughing as we paint. She really cares about her students and is always taking our photos as we paint! lol I highly recommend her if you are looking for personal attention from an accomplished artist. You can paint not only at her studio, but she does house parties! I so look forward to my next class with her in November!

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