Pencils, Paint, and Dogs.

I’ve recently been introduced to the world of dogs. I never warmed up to them and never could. Wasn’t sure why but I’m sure they scared the be-jeezzus out of me as a child and it stuck.

When I was approached in November of 2016 to create personal dog portraits for my clients loved ones I kind of froze. I’d never attempted to draw a dog. Or an animal for that matter in a realistic light.

Being the curious artist that I am I didn’t hesitate to take the job. I’m so happy I did. I found that working with colored pencil forces one to see the various colors and tones in a

mass of tiny hairs. When I switched projects to my painting commission I saw color tones and tints that I had never noticed before…. in paint!

Take this lesson with you …. always try something new. Plow through your fears. You can do anything you put your mind to and in the process your other talents will flourish and be better for it.

I’ve completed one dog (IVAN) and am working on FREDO still. Here are the photos I worked from and the results thus far.

By taking the time to study these subjects I have learned so much about them and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time because it was around the same time Miley came into my life. Now I know how dogs steal the hearts of people. AND I can now draw them as well ūüėČ

Miley is the pretty bulldog at the top of this post and she will be my next project. But first I must finish all the commissions on my desk now…. only 2 ….. and then I can post them making of MILEY. Keep your eyes out for more …. I’ll be posting as I¬†work on each project from here on in. Watch these beautiful creatures come to life in steps with me!

With that I’m going to get to work on my guitar neck. NO its not a dog portrait but it is taking longer than I wanted due to my new eyesight prescription… yup … waiting for bifocals…. bwa ha ha….. yes senior moments.

With age comes wisdom &  blindness. That is my thought for the day.





One thought on “Pencils, Paint, and Dogs.

  1. I was never a dog lover either. But then I forbid one and then another shortly after. Only ever having cats for myself, it was a new experience. My dog is my shadow and my best bud. I love my cat too but cats do as they please. You are the center of your dogs world which is why people are asking you for their portraits. The true meaning of unconditional love and loyalty.

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