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Teaching at LYNN ART studio in Greenville beginning JULY 2015

Here is the flyer I’ve made for classes beginning in July at Lynn-Art studio in Greenville Rhode Island. Im so excited to meet new painters and push their creativity!

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Drinking and Painting?

Okay… the newest thing seems to be to drink and paint. I am on board with it now that so many of you requested I host this type of gathering. I have secured two places for us to meet and paint so far.

One is a bar for you drinkers out there 😉 and the other is a coffee house for those of us that love a good caffeine buzz.

I am working diligently today on the workshop details and will create a page on this blog for you to sign up and pay through paypal. I have to say I am looking forward to teaching all of you some paint techniques and hanging out with you.

I would like to personally thank Angela Chiperas for the final push into doing this although I do appreciate everyone who suggested we do this.

I will be posting details as soon as I iron them out today. In the meantime could you please go to Paint and Drink page to answer my poll and give me a heads up that you plan to attend. This will be extremely helpful for me to plan. THANKS BUNCHES!

I look forward to painting with all of you!

Blessed Be!