PUMPKINS FOR SALE… on canvas of course…

PUMPKINS FOR SALE… on canvas of course…

These guys are just about finished and up for sale right in time for the season!!! The canvas is 2 feet x 3 feet! Larger than life 🙂 To purchase just CLICK HERE and it will bring you to my website. Thanks for following my work. I have also added photos of the painting process for this particular painting below. Thought you may find it interesting to see the pumpkins evolve.

Watch the pumpkins grow below!

DSCI7918 DSCI8006 DSCI8019 DSCI8025 DSCI8027 DSCI8031 IMG_1416 IMG_1419 DSCI8046 DSCI8049 DSCI8061 DSCI8066 DSCI8082 DSCI8085 DSCI8086 DSCI8088

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Halloween is coming soooon……

I have decided to skip the Salem Ball this year so we can begin our own in Providence RI. What do you think? There are plenty of Witches here that I know who practice in RI every day. C’mon sisters, let’s celebrate in our very own beautiful city of Providence! 


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September 2014 Paintings and Activities!!!

Join one of our workshops or create your own house party by choosing one of the available weekends!

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September Calendar is here!!!!

To all those who were patient enough to wait … thank you! My life has been very busy but I am happy to say it just got significantly simpler! I will be teaching full time (well creating full time anyway). With that said, here is the September calendar and I will also post October to help you plan ahead 😉

September 2014 Calendar



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New paintings for Drink and Paint night coming……

I have been asked to hurry it up with the new calendar however I am finding so many choices to choose from for the new assortment of pieces to teach! But I assure you… the calendar will be up and ready for sign ups by days end. 

Until then, email me with any painting ideas you would like to try or just to chat me up! 



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Click on New Calendar of Events to Print!


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Drink and Paint Calendar

Drink and Paint Calendar

The Calendar is up. All Drink and Painting will happen at 110 Main Street in Suite 304. Located in East Greenwich! Classes are every weekday evening from 6:30-9pm. (Only 7 per class allowed so be sure to sign your entire group up at once)

If you would prefer to hold a Drink and Paint evening at your home I am available to make house calls on the weekends. 

Click the link above and get booking! 

See you all VERY soon.


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