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Teaching at LYNN ART studio in Greenville beginning JULY 2015

Here is the flyer I’ve made for classes beginning in July at Lynn-Art studio in Greenville Rhode Island. Im so excited to meet new painters and push their creativity!

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Latest Project…

Alice In Wonderland project illustration ... Page 85
Alice In Wonderland project illustration … Page 85

I had an amazing time creating this piece for the Alice in Wonderland project. It is for a coffee table book that will be printed in Norway.

The project is described by the creators as this…


150Alice is a project celebrating the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  We have brought together 150 brilliant illustrators from around the world that have each created a single page for this 300-page book.

The project promotes the illustrators’ art in a unique way and gives them an opportunity to create a masterpiece together. It provides them a platform to give back to the community by expressing themselves and sharing their talent with the world.

Lewis Carroll created Wonderland, and the story surrounding it, out of his love of entertaining children. His story gained great success and 150 years later is still enjoyed by children all over the world.

We are here to drive forward Lewis Carroll’s idea of encouraging art and creativity among children. At 150Alice, all profits from this book will be donated to educating children in China and Mongolia about art and creativity. With your generous support, we can help a generation of children develop a more vivid imagination.


I would like to thank both Sig and Thomas for letting me work on such an important project.

Please visit and support this project at

Thanks so much!


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Summer Awaits Us!

Hello everyone! No doubt you are excited about the summer season approaching. We are too and are excited to say that The Story Emporium is welcoming 2 more children’s illustrators to work in our studio! Now when you visit you can watch 3 children’s illustrators working away at their desks. Feel free to stop by and ask questions or just watch these creatures in their natural habitat. We will be posting the name of the two new illustrators soon… but you’ll have to wait.

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Paintings going home…

Well it was a great run at the Warwick Museum of Art but today I am happy to say my illustrations go back home to The Story Emporium. The one’s that didn’t sell of course 🙂 I just want to thank everyone that went and supported me and for those who didn’t don’t you worry, there will be many more to come with new pieces!

Yesterday I finally dragged my butt back into the studio and prepped my workspace to create some new stuff which I’m really looking forward to making. As I work I will post my progress so you can see what’s coming your way.

Like always… thanks for following!


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Dusty Butterfly and other characters…


I have put another painting on THE STORY EMPORIUM wall, this one is of The Dusty Butterfly who plays quite a large role in “A Trashy Novel” –  my latest book that is in the editing stage… hooray! While writing this novel I thought I would never see the end of it but finally after years of thinking and percolating ideas then 2 years of putting it together I finally have the evidence of a finished piece of work. When I wrote and illustrated my three picture books the same process took place where I felt hopeless and couldn’t finish. I have to say the novel was the worst of all four books when it came to the ominous feeling of complete and utter doom that I would never reach the end. The great part is the more I wrote it and got to know each character and how they all related to each other the plots twisted into each other naturally and a real world full of fantasy blossomed and came to life. What a feeling of accomplishment! All I have to say at this point in the process is I truly hope you come to love and enjoy the characters I created and get lost in the world I created for them. If you do then I can happily say, I’ve done my job.

Thank you everyone who follows my work and especially those who pass the word on about it to their friends. It’s through you that my work becomes known and enjoyed by others and to be quite honest is what makes the many hours of creating worth it.

Please feel free to visit my studio any Saturday at and see what my latest creations are.

Until next time…. keep creating!


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RI Monthly Magazine Visits The Story Emporium

First off let me say that RI Monthly Magazine is a wonderful publication with amazing workers. They came to The Story Emporium and spent the entire day taking in the atmosphere and if I’m not mistaken, we had a wonderful time! I am excited to say we will be featured in the March issue in the “CURRENT” section edited by Jamie Coelho so be sure to keep yours eyes peeled for that piece!

I am also thrilled to announce that my wonderful Mom has completed my 1700’s style steampunk outfit for me to wear at The Story Emporium on Saturday’s during The Farmer’s Market. I chose this outfit to wear not only because I love the Steampunk era/style but also because my novel coming out this year is reminissant of this period clothing so I have decided to conduct all of my book signings for “A Trashy Novel” in this amazing new costume.

So if you happen to see a victorian style dressed woman wandering the halls of The Farmer’s Market at The Hope Artiste Village be sure to follow her into The Story Emporium because you can bet there will be a children’s author or illustrator waiting inside by the fireplace reading to children, doing crafts, and signing their own books!

So in summary I would like to thank the wonderful team at RI Monthly for coming out to do a story on our cozy little corner of The Hope Artiste Village at 1005 Main Street in Pawtucket RI as well as my beautiful Mother who works so hard everyday to keep The Story Emporium looking beautiful.

Thanks so much to everyone involved in the creation and upkeep of the THE STORY EMPORIUM. I believe so deep in my heart that we can change the lives of all our little readers whether it be helping them read, expanding their talents in art and writing, or just giving them a safe haven to sit in a world of make-believe for a little while. Let’s all keep up the good work together!

                      Erin T. Whalen

            Children’s Author & Illustrator    

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Thanks to Community We Thrive!

Leslie Bulion joined us today and educated us on so many different types of BUGS! She is an unbelievably talented poet and an all around wonderful person. I interviewed her for our ‘AUTHORS CLUBHOUSE’ show and will post that in our Author’s Clubhouse link on this blog as soon as the edit gets finished.

I have to say it touches me deeply to be able to meet so many wonderful children’s authors and illustrators. I feel so honored to meet with each and every one of them. Being an author/illustrator myself I know how hard the process can be and it really helps to connect with those authors around me and learn their techniques and writing styles.

I dressed up in my new ‘steampunk’ costume that my Mother crafted for me and will be wearing more often. It just brought a bit of light and fun to emporium today and that is what I want The Story Emporium to be. FUN. Sure it’s a place for children to visit each week and meet with a different children’s author or illustrator but I find we have a sense of warmth and family there as well. Many customers look forward to returning every week and that makes me very happy. It makes me feel as though I am part of something bigger than myself. I have a real sense of community when I turn the key in the door and open The Story Emporium to the public.

I encourage anyone who hasn’t stopped by on a Saturday to do so and experience the pure joy we get from each other. It has done more than met my expectations, it has grown into a magical place and continues to branch out and touch people weekly.

I want to thank RI Monthly magazine for taking the time to come to visit with us and get our story out to those who don’t yet know our hideaway in The Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket RI. Please everyone, keep your eye out for the March Issue of The RI Monthly and do comment on this blog as to what you think of the article and feel free to ask us any questions here.

Like I said, My goals of becoming a place of community where children and authors can meet, chat, and be mentored has grown so fast and into so much more than I could have ever imagined.

Thank you to everyone out there who has been spreading the word and please continue to let everyone you know that we are here for your retail needs, social needs, book and movie groups, and writing workshops as well. We are continually growing and look forward to having you grow right along with us.

From the bottom of my heart…. Erin T Whalen

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Our Wednesday Visiting Author is….

Good Morning! I would like to announce that tonight from 4-7 Joan Creamer will be fireside at The Story Emporium signing her MAGIC SEPTER SERIES. A beautifully illustrated series of picture books. Joan is not only the author but the illustrator as well. Come visit us tonight and purchase a present that will surely touch someone’s heart this Holiday season.

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Post Surgery

Well I went ahead and did it. I had the spine surgery I swore I never would have. I was losing the use of my right arm and hand and fast! The doctors told me I may never draw again. What is an artist to do? Soooo, I took myself to the hospital (well my Mom did) and I went into the operating room hesitant mind you. But I did go in and thats what counts. Although my back problems are not cured I did regain the use of my right arm…whew! I am hoping that with my new cadaver bone (yes you heard me correctly) in my neck will work much better now, although the Doctors make no promises. I do want to show you some finished pieces I had not put up before. These pieces are for sale and can be found at THE STORY EMPORIUM in The Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket RI on 1005 Main Street. Check them out:




.Charlie in "A Trashy Novel"Charlie in “A Trashy Novel”

Dripping Zippers
Dripping Zippers
The State of RI
The State of RI
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Scituate Arts Festival

it’s 6:45am and I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I am heading to the Scituate Arts Festival in about an hour. This year I am selling prints of my newest artwork along with The Charlie’s Head Series picture books. “A Trashy Novel” will be out in fall 2012 but you can come see the illustrations for the novel. (I do have some prints of the artwork for “A Trashy Novel”)I also have my new art studio calendar on display so be sure to take one when you visit.

The festival runs from 9-6 and is today, Sunday, and Monday so you have plenty of time to get there. I will be the one dressed in the witch costume on the front lawn of the public library.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope to see you there!