Hello friends. It’s been quite some time but I’m back to blogging. So much has happened since I last blogged (just a photo… sorry) in July. By the way June & July were absolutely amazing. I camped for 47 nights. AMAZING.

I will post those pics in another blog post later this week.

Because I took time out to find myself my art stepped up a notch or two. My confidence has grown as an artist and I’ve now added into my art arsenal Prismacolor Colored Pencils!!!

Below you’ll see my desk …. with Novel in progress all over the wall…. yet another project I’m trying desperately to finish.



So yeah… I have the completion of my novel…. going strong but more work than I  ever could have imagined!!! NANOWRIMO has helped. 😉

As for artwork…… Im working on a few dog portrait commissions….. Photos in next post.

Of course I’m STILL working The Rusty Palette Paint Parties because why wouldn’t I???

I absolutely LOVE teaching art in a private party home or bar setting. Email me if you’re looking for this type of party… FUN. erintwhalen@gmail.com


So please, if you’d like to enjoy making art or would like to commission a special gift for someone this holiday season, email me or call 401-206-7499.

Thanks again for following my blog. Ive got a new blogging schedule … no matter the situation, I will post at least 3x weekly. This is something I’ve decided to do because nothing is better than blogging about teaching and making art….with the exception of actually making and teaching art.

So lets make sure we meet her 3x weekly and get our ART done!

Creatively yours,

Erin T. Whalen

The Rusty Palette


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