Meet the Narrator of CIRQUE’ de Trash

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Discover the magic of the “CHARLIE’S HEAD” picture book series

Here we are in October of 2020…. 20 years later and I am typesetting the final Picture book in the series along with my very first YA Novel.

  • “Charlie & the Missing Element” (March 2021) Lily & Co. Publishing
  • “Cirque’ de Trash” (October 13, 2021) Lily & Co. Publishing

I am so excited to bring you these stories I have worked on for over 20 years.

Here is a re-cap of Charlie’s adventures thus far…

A synopsis of the Charlie’s Head Series

In the first book of the CHARLIES’ HEAD series we meet a boy named Charlie who learns through many mishaps that he has a powerful magic inside of his head. He is fearful of this at first but soon learns he can control it. He befriends his imagination which leads him to find the magic of creation.

We see him next in CHARLIE GOES TO SEA, where he teaches his best friend Ellie about the fun of creating whatever you want inside your head. Together they imagine a colorful and brave new world. By doing this, Ellie conquers her fear of crabs and is able to save her precious goldfish. They soon realize that two imaginations are more powerful that one and together they are more powerful to create change.

We meet up with him once again in CHARLIE GETS SPOOKED when his Mom and two sisters travel to Salem Massechusetts for Halloween. Suddenly their Mom disappears. They are now lost in a costume parade when an evil Witch abducts the three of them. She attempts to steal their imaginative powers and bottle them up so she can sell the power potion to her evil friends! Charlie and his sisters combine their will to win. They team up to defeat her. After this frightening ordeal, they realize how much power the imagination actually holds and that it belongs only to them. Charlie and his sisters vow to always protect their new found power.

In the upcoming picture-book CHARLIE AND THE MISSING ELEMENT (October 13, 2021) you will meet up with Charlie and his sisters once again. The three of them work together only to find their powers are super strong. They search for the missing element to open the bottled up potion they all hold. The beautiful revelation they discover leads to the realization that together they can unlock super powers to create the world they have always wanted to live in.

THE CHARLIE’S HEAD SERIES teaches that all human beings have a special magic within themselves. You only need to find the missing element to activate it. Even the famous ALBERT EINSTEIN knew this.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”

Albert Einstein

In closing, I really look forward to meeting and speaking with all my young readers. I am very excited to teach them about the abundant world of imagination that we swim and breathe in daily.

Be sure to check out Story Time Live with Erin at The Altered Story Book Theater Channel on Youtube.

Until next time,

Stay Creative!


Picture Books by Erin T Whalen


Pencils, Paint, and Dogs.

I’ve recently been introduced to the world of dogs. I never warmed up to them and never could. Wasn’t sure why but I’m sure they scared the be-jeezzus out of me as a child and it stuck.

When I was approached in November of 2016 to create personal dog portraits for my clients loved ones I kind of froze. I’d never attempted to draw a dog. Or an animal for that matter in a realistic light.

Being the curious artist that I am I didn’t hesitate to take the job. I’m so happy I did. I found that working with colored pencil forces one to see the various colors and tones in a

mass of tiny hairs. When I switched projects to my painting commission I saw color tones and tints that I had never noticed before…. in paint!

Take this lesson with you …. always try something new. Plow through your fears. You can do anything you put your mind to and in the process your other talents will flourish and be better for it.

I’ve completed one dog (IVAN) and am working on FREDO still. Here are the photos I worked from and the results thus far.

By taking the time to study these subjects I have learned so much about them and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time because it was around the same time Miley came into my life. Now I know how dogs steal the hearts of people. AND I can now draw them as well 😉

Miley is the pretty bulldog at the top of this post and she will be my next project. But first I must finish all the commissions on my desk now…. only 2 ….. and then I can post them making of MILEY. Keep your eyes out for more …. I’ll be posting as I work on each project from here on in. Watch these beautiful creatures come to life in steps with me!

With that I’m going to get to work on my guitar neck. NO its not a dog portrait but it is taking longer than I wanted due to my new eyesight prescription… yup … waiting for bifocals…. bwa ha ha….. yes senior moments.

With age comes wisdom &  blindness. That is my thought for the day.







Hello friends. It’s been quite some time but I’m back to blogging. So much has happened since I last blogged (just a photo… sorry) in July. By the way June & July were absolutely amazing. I camped for 47 nights. AMAZING.

I will post those pics in another blog post later this week.

Because I took time out to find myself my art stepped up a notch or two. My confidence has grown as an artist and I’ve now added into my art arsenal Prismacolor Colored Pencils!!!

Below you’ll see my desk …. with Novel in progress all over the wall…. yet another project I’m trying desperately to finish.



So yeah… I have the completion of my novel…. going strong but more work than I  ever could have imagined!!! NANOWRIMO has helped. 😉

As for artwork…… Im working on a few dog portrait commissions….. Photos in next post.

Of course I’m STILL working The Rusty Palette Paint Parties because why wouldn’t I???

I absolutely LOVE teaching art in a private party home or bar setting. Email me if you’re looking for this type of party… FUN. erintwhalen@gmail.com


So please, if you’d like to enjoy making art or would like to commission a special gift for someone this holiday season, email me or call 401-206-7499.

Thanks again for following my blog. Ive got a new blogging schedule … no matter the situation, I will post at least 3x weekly. This is something I’ve decided to do because nothing is better than blogging about teaching and making art….with the exception of actually making and teaching art.

So lets make sure we meet her 3x weekly and get our ART done!

Creatively yours,

Erin T. Whalen

The Rusty Palette


Novel edits coming along beautifully!!!


Teaching on Wednesday evenings at Lyn-Art Studios

Hello everyone!

I’m finally settling in at a brand new studio and the great news is… its not mine!

Why is this great news you ask? Well, it’s simply because the man who owns it runs the other part of the art studio business…. FRAMING! That’s right, when you are finished painting your masterpiece see Dan (the owner) for the finishing touches… a beautiful frame.

Please note that Wednesday July 15 will be a drink and paint session. 35.00 gets you a 16×20 canvas, easel, paint, brushes, palette, and instruction to create a beautiful beach sunset.


Each Wednesday I hold a class from 6-8pm for those who want to learn more about art. Any kind of art. If you bring your own supplies the cost is only $15.00. For those of you who are new to painting or who don’t want to bother with supplies you can use mine however your cost will be $25.00. Either path you choose I will be available to guide you in whatever medium you choose to explore. Pastels, Acrylic Paint, Oil Paint etc…. whatever you need to learn I can guide you.

Just give me a call at 401-300-6036 so I can sign you up!

I look forward to teaching you some skills to work on so you can grow your art talent!



PUMPKINS FOR SALE… on canvas of course…

These guys are just about finished and up for sale right in time for the season!!! The canvas is 2 feet x 3 feet! Larger than life 🙂 To purchase just CLICK HERE and it will bring you to my website. Thanks for following my work. I have also added photos of the painting process for this particular painting below. Thought you may find it interesting to see the pumpkins evolve.

Watch the pumpkins grow below!

DSCI7918 DSCI8006 DSCI8019 DSCI8025 DSCI8027 DSCI8031 IMG_1416 IMG_1419 DSCI8046 DSCI8049 DSCI8061 DSCI8066 DSCI8082 DSCI8085 DSCI8086 DSCI8088


September 2014 Paintings and Activities!!!

Join one of our workshops or create your own house party by choosing one of the available weekends!


September Calendar is here!!!!

To all those who were patient enough to wait … thank you! My life has been very busy but I am happy to say it just got significantly simpler! I will be teaching full time (well creating full time anyway). With that said, here is the September calendar and I will also post October to help you plan ahead 😉

September 2014 Calendar