PUMPKINS FOR SALE… on canvas of course…

These guys are just about finished and up for sale right in time for the season!!! The canvas is 2 feet x 3 feet! Larger than life 🙂 To purchase just CLICK HERE and it will bring you to my website. Thanks for following my work. I have also added photos of the painting process for this particular painting below. Thought you may find it interesting to see the pumpkins evolve.

Watch the pumpkins grow below!

DSCI7918 DSCI8006 DSCI8019 DSCI8025 DSCI8027 DSCI8031 IMG_1416 IMG_1419 DSCI8046 DSCI8049 DSCI8061 DSCI8066 DSCI8082 DSCI8085 DSCI8086 DSCI8088

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