New paintings for Drink and Paint night coming……

I have been asked to hurry it up with the new calendar however I am finding so many choices to choose from for the new assortment of pieces to teach! But I assure you… the calendar will be up and ready for sign ups by days end. 

Until then, email me with any painting ideas you would like to try or just to chat me up! 




Click on New Calendar of Events to Print!



Drink and Paint Calendar

Drink and Paint Calendar

The Calendar is up. All Drink and Painting will happen at 110 Main Street in Suite 304. Located in East Greenwich! Classes are every weekday evening from 6:30-9pm. (Only 7 per class allowed so be sure to sign your entire group up at once)

If you would prefer to hold a Drink and Paint evening at your home I am available to make house calls on the weekends. 

Click the link above and get booking! 

See you all VERY soon.



finished Acrylic …

Weebly done

Ta Daaaaa

Ooops … forgot to add the steam on the coffee

Here is the one with Steam 🙂 … gotta have steam right?

Weebly steam thanks…



Finally learning to control Acrylic…

Here is my ‘practice’ piece. Ugly I know … but this piece was created only to learn to blend acrylics. I am VERY happy with the level of control I have over the paint now. I really thought I would never get along with Acrylics. I am a long time lover of Oil paint and the smooth blending ability it has.

I have not finished this piece yet… i still have to do his hair, eyes, coffee cup, and shading. I will post the finished piece later on today. I am posting my progress so far to show where I am at in my painting world. I have really tried to do landscapes, and although I can, I still prefer to create wonderfully strange characters. I don’t know, it is probably the Author and Illustrator in me. I do think people and creatures are so much more interesting than the landscape they inhabit. After all, my writing is more character driven than anything else so it would only make sense my art would be too.

Thanks for following and I will see you later on today with my finished creature…



The wind still howls…

Here it is, a few days before spring, and the wind is howling like a wild animal through the cracks of my windows. Maybe it’s because of the pond. All I know is that I have never had such a case of cabin fever in my entire life until now. This winter has afforded me many opportunities though so I am thankful for that. I created my new home studio filled with all my favorite things and added another bedroom onto my home. My daughter has come back to live with me and all is well. 

Although my studio name has changed to THE RUSTY PALLETTE my artwork remains the same. Unique, twisted, and strange. 

After closing the final chapter in my YA Novel, synopsis written and three chapters sent out to Agents, I begin a new story. We could all use a new story right?

So with that said, keep your eyes peeled for pix of my new studio. I’m still perfecting it however I will leave you with the images below to help you imagine where my next project is taking me. 

Until tomorrow…. 



The Story Emporium is Closing its doors

Hello all. I write today with some bitter news. The Story Emporium is closing its doors. It was a wonderful 2 years at The Hope Artiste Village however It seems I create art so much better in the privacy of my own home. I will be moving my art studio into my house. I want to thank everyone who participated in the success of The Story Emporium. Please know that without you, it’s success wouldn’t have been possible. I say it’s success because although I am closing it, it was very successful. Successful in the sense that it made so many people smile and so many people connect. This is a very personal decision for me and it is because of my personal needs that I am moving my art home. I do so many shows on the road and will keep my art shows posted here on my blog. I did a few new paintings last weekend at home because like I said, its where I work best. Here they are….



Have a great day and please, keep following. Just because The Story Emporium doors have closed does not mean my creativity has 😉

Erin T Whalen


Clown Cluster is finished and up for sale!

Here is the finished piece that I posted about earlier. Let me know what you think… leave a comment. Thanks!

Clown Cluster ... a bit crooked after too much drink
Clown Cluster … a bit crooked after too much drink



Under New Ownership… well half of it anyway ;)

Hello everyone….

I am writing to tell you that The Story Emporium has added another owner making it twice the fun! We would like to officially welcome Mara Berkely … a children’s author to our bookstore! She will be running the smaller children’s activities with her space called “Words + Pictures”. Children can come in and illustrate children’s books on their own or if they choose they can look at an illustration and write their own text! Her goal to bring to The Story Emporium is teaching how children’s picture books are created. 

While you are visiting you can peruse her gallery of old writer tools and learn how the business of writing has changed over the years. 

We are also welcoming back visiting authors where you can purchase tickets (their book) beforehand and join in on an author (or illustrator)  Q&A. Some of these author visits will have crafts as well. At the end of the visit the Author or Illustrator (or both) will sign your book! 

Erin T Whalen will continue to be there however she will primarily be illustrating and teaching art techniques. We thought it would be wise to split the space between author and illustrator so the children can choose which they would like to focus on. 

We are creating a calendar of events now as well as a summer program for kids of all ages. This calendar will be posted soon. If you would like a personal call or email when our events are ready please feel free to email thestoryemporium@gmail.com.

Thank you so much for your patience while we underwent this difficult transition… difficult but WELL worth it! 

Until we speak again, keep reading and imagining!

The Story Emporium Staff

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Clown Cluster Coming Along…

Clown Cluster
The Clown Cluster

I have been working on this clown cluster for about 3 days and only that long because painting is going slow. Sometimes it does that. I finally got into it by the time I made it over to the purple clown. Each one still has lots of detail work to be done but I wanted to show you the progress so far. This one measures 20 inches x 24 inches!!! Enjoy!

Erin T Whalen