Finally learning to control Acrylic…

Here is my ‘practice’ piece. Ugly I know … but this piece was created only to learn to blend acrylics. I am VERY happy with the level of control I have over the paint now. I really thought I would never get along with Acrylics. I am a long time lover of Oil paint and the smooth blending ability it has.

I have not finished this piece yet… i still have to do his hair, eyes, coffee cup, and shading. I will post the finished piece later on today. I am posting my progress so far to show where I am at in my painting world. I have really tried to do landscapes, and although I can, I still prefer to create wonderfully strange characters. I don’t know, it is probably the Author and Illustrator in me. I do think people and creatures are so much more interesting than the landscape they inhabit. After all, my writing is more character driven than anything else so it would only make sense my art would be too.

Thanks for following and I will see you later on today with my finished creature…


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