The Story Emporium is Closing its doors

Hello all. I write today with some bitter news. The Story Emporium is closing its doors. It was a wonderful 2 years at The Hope Artiste Village however It seems I create art so much better in the privacy of my own home. I will be moving my art studio into my house. I want to thank everyone who participated in the success of The Story Emporium. Please know that without you, it’s success wouldn’t have been possible. I say it’s success because although I am closing it, it was very successful. Successful in the sense that it made so many people smile and so many people connect. This is a very personal decision for me and it is because of my personal needs that I am moving my art home. I do so many shows on the road and will keep my art shows posted here on my blog. I did a few new paintings last weekend at home because like I said, its where I work best. Here they are….



Have a great day and please, keep following. Just because The Story Emporium doors have closed does not mean my creativity has 😉

Erin T Whalen

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