New beginnings

Its been at least a month since I wrote and painted but during this time a lot has happened. The first was an email notifying me that THE STORY EMPORIUM won BEST OF 2012 – “The best place to hear a children’s story” and I have to say I am honored! It is listed in the August RI Monthly Issue. Along with this great news I have been invited to be a guest on a Boston TV show to read to children which I am VERY excited about and in addition to that, I have been contacted by The Rhode Show for a day at THE STORY EMPORIUM! Such great things coming about, now if I could only get there LOL.

This summer I got a chance to teach in Boston and I have to say I had a wonderful time. That being said I would like to get some workshops going at The Story Emporium. I attempted to in the past only to get overwhelmed, however having a chance to teach elsewhere reconnected me with my love for teaching so I am eager to get some workshops going.

I am updating THE STORY EMPORIUM website and workshops now that I have internet access again so keep your eyes open and please, if you were disappointed before because a workshop cancelled don’t worry, things are in better order now and the workshops will be absolutely WONDERFUL.

I would like to end this post by thanking everyone who has followed and supported my art and writing in one way or another. It’s because of you that my career is flourishing.

Sincerely my friends…



One thought on “New beginnings

  1. Awesome Erin , so proud of you , you are doing what you love and you are absolutely wonderful at it. Keep up the good work and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy…love ya, Pam

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