Watch us on The Rhode Show!

Last week Mary Larson visited our studio and interviewed Erin and her little visitors. The time it will be aired is yet to be known but I promise you, as soon as I get the information I will post it. 

Also, now that Fall is here we have workshops planned once again. Please visit the event calendar link to see what we have in store for you. These workshops can be ordered online through the STORE link on our website http://www.thestoryemporium.org

This year our focus will be more on our visitors telling their stories rather than you listening to published authors talk about theirs. Don’t worry, we will still have visiting authors and illustrators visiting us. Some of the ways we plan to get you to tell your stories are 

1. Art Journaling

2. Making and Sending Postal Art around the world

3. Poetry Slams 2 times a month

4. Open Writer’s Critique group led by a published author 2 times per month

5. Open Art Critique group lead by professional artists 2 times per month

6. Story Box and Story Book Theater workshops

The aim is to have our calendar full and our guests expressing themselves through storytelling whether it be poetry, drawing, painting, pen-pals, or puppet making. 

Unfortunately our space is not huge so sign up early for any event you wish to attend. We are trying to keep the costs down for you because its no secret that we are all in hard times, but please keep in mind we do need to keep activities going so we do have to charge something. 

With all that said I sure hope to hear from you and see you soon at one our workshops! Also, if you are interested in renting the Story Emporium for an event of your own on a Sunday you can contact Erin at erintwhalen@gmail.com.

Thanks so much for following us and joining in on the fun!

Erin Whalen

Chilidren’s Author, Illustrator, and founder of The Story Emporium


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