The wind still howls…

Here it is, a few days before spring, and the wind is howling like a wild animal through the cracks of my windows. Maybe it's because of the pond. All I know is that I have never had such a case of cabin fever in my entire life until now. This winter has afforded me… Continue reading The wind still howls…

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Latest Project…

I had an amazing time creating this piece for the Alice in Wonderland project. It is for a coffee table book that will be printed in Norway. The project is described by the creators as this...   150Alice is a project celebrating the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  We have brought… Continue reading Latest Project…


The Story Emporium is Closing its doors

Hello all. I write today with some bitter news. The Story Emporium is closing its doors. It was a wonderful 2 years at The Hope Artiste Village however It seems I create art so much better in the privacy of my own home. I will be moving my art studio into my house. I want… Continue reading The Story Emporium is Closing its doors


Clown Cluster is finished and up for sale!

Here is the finished piece that I posted about earlier. Let me know what you think... leave a comment. Thanks!


Under New Ownership… well half of it anyway ;)

Hello everyone....I am writing to tell you that The Story Emporium has added another owner making it twice the fun! We would like to officially welcome Mara Berkely ... a children's author to our bookstore! She will be running the smaller children's activities with her space called "Words + Pictures". Children can come in and… Continue reading Under New Ownership… well half of it anyway 😉

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Clown Cluster Coming Along…

I have been working on this clown cluster for about 3 days and only that long because painting is going slow. Sometimes it does that. I finally got into it by the time I made it over to the purple clown. Each one still has lots of detail work to be done but I wanted… Continue reading Clown Cluster Coming Along…


More snow = More creative time!!!

New England is looking at another winter storm and while most people are upset about it, I'm kind of excited. What's better than hunkering down for 24 hours and painting, writing, or reading? Nothing that what! So the plan is to get to the studio and grab some supplies to enjoy while the snow falls.… Continue reading More snow = More creative time!!!


ALL Paintings at The Story Emporium are for sale… With 2 new additions….

Hello my fellow clown lovers! I spent a good part of last night putting together 2 new paintings to display at  The Story Emporium this Saturday. I have also decided to go ahead and put some price tags on the art work that wasn't previously for sale so if you had been eyeing any of… Continue reading ALL Paintings at The Story Emporium are for sale… With 2 new additions….


New Art Show Schedule Posted

Hello everyone. Once again the elusive artist comes out of hiding. I have posted my Art Shows and Book signings for 2013 on the "Art Shows" link. It may change as the times come closer so be sure to check back for updates. This year you can expect to see the Clown Asylum Series completed… Continue reading New Art Show Schedule Posted


Another finished Creepy Clown from My “Clown Asylum” series of paintings

I am pretty sure I haven't posted this guy finished yet so here it is in all its creepy glory. He is the Clown that represents the withdrawal I get when Halloween goes away. I miss it so much! He is just one of the many phobia clowns I am creating in my "Clown Asylum"… Continue reading Another finished Creepy Clown from My “Clown Asylum” series of paintings