Another finished Creepy Clown from My “Clown Asylum” series of paintings

Halloween Withdrawal Clown from "Clown Asylum" series of paintings
Halloween Withdrawal Clown from “Clown Asylum” series of paintings

I am pretty sure I haven’t posted this guy finished yet so here it is in all its creepy glory. He is the Clown that represents the withdrawal I get when Halloween goes away. I miss it so much! He is just one of the many phobia clowns I am creating in my “Clown Asylum” series. Once all of them are completed I will put them into a  printed collection however each original clown painting is for sale to any art collector who is interested. Just email me at erintwhalen@gmail.com. (He still has to be mounted on his unique frame but you’ll have to visit The Story Emporium to see him.)  All of my clown paintings will be displayed at The Story Emporium so feel free to come and visit on any Saturday from 9-1. For directions go to www.thestoryemporium.org


4 thoughts on “Another finished Creepy Clown from My “Clown Asylum” series of paintings

  1. Hi, Erin. I loved the Creepy Clown painting! I am now doing artwork at a small studio for diabled artists called Studio 35 every Tuesday from 1:00 to 3:00. I’m currently doing background research for a play I want to write inspired by “Wicked”. What it will be about is what Buffalo Bill from “Silence of the Lambs” would be like if he received the proper rehabilitative therapy he needed instead of being shot. If I follow through with it and it’s successful, I’m sure it will be quite controversial. Do you write horror books? I’m a bibliophile, myself, so I’d like to visit your bookstore.

      1. Hi, Erin. I’d love to pop in sometime. When do you work there and what is the address? Right now I live in the Cranston part of Cranston Street. What type of books do you write? 🙂 I just received a modeling job from a photographer who is shooting for a fashion designer in Chicago. I’m still not sure of the legitimacy of this job, but I will find out. Speaking of modelling, I’ve done some art modelling in the past (I’ve posed for a sculpture class in Connecticut, a photographer named Berge Ara Zobian in Providence and another in New Hampshire) so if you need a model to paint from, I’ll be glad to pose for you. Just tell me what the project involves and it shouldn’t be a problem. Again, I’d love to pop in and see you and maybe we can catch up over some coffee if you like. 🙂

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