Day 2 & 3 of Novel Retreat

I got on a roll and stayed up pretty much all night last night. Its nice when that happens because I know I am where I need be when I get in this zone however, I do have one complaint. It seems the more the novel begins to come together for me the more anxious I get and it gets to a point where I am so anxious, I can’t write. I am not too sure if any other writers experience this sort of thing but I would love any feedback if you do. My feelings go from excitement to horrible anxiety and I stop working.

With that said, I got the entire outline put back together from where I left off last and am now ready to write some pages. I know it took an awful long time to get organized and to the point where I can write but please realize I did have some distractions in the middle of it all. Although my children are on vacation with their dad this week they are still only down the street from me and I have been carting toys and whatnot back and forth at their requests. Also, I have started walking 2 and a half miles per day so that happened as well. Considering all that has been going on in between, I have gotten quite a bit done. I am now at the point where I can just open up my laptop and write.

I think its time I did just that so I will bid you farewell for now.


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