Day 1 of Novel Retreat

Here it is the first official day of the vacation. Just as I promised myself I will get to my novel. I know I previously wrote I would be M.I.A in the real and virtual world but I think its important to blog my progress. I will put up my progress each day.

For those of you who don’t know me, I tend to write in ‘chunks of time’ and what I mean by this is I block out a string of days where I dedicate all of my time to the writing project of my choice. This string will go on for at least 5 days. My children are on vacation with my ex-husband so I am taking advantage of the time alone by using it to complete my novel in progress. I am going to log my progress on my blog:

DAY 1: Today I begin the completion of my manuscript. I am going to use this week to dive into my novel with no interruptions. I find the toughest day when I do ‘crash write’ in a string of days is to organize all of my notes from the last time I wrote. It takes me at least an hour to organize and find the last thought I left off on before I put the ms (manuscript) away. So I am going to begin that now. I will then organize what I have done and have not done according the outline I made. From there I will know all of the scenes I need to write and break those up into the five days I am writing. At the end of the week, all my scenes should be complete and ready to organize into the novel. My word count will be complete! Then the editing will come into play.

For today though, at least the first part of this first retreat day, I organize.

Wish me luck!!!!


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