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Discover the magic of the “CHARLIE’S HEAD” picture book series

Here we are in October of 2020…. 20 years later and I am typesetting the final Picture book in the series along with my very first YA Novel.

  • “Charlie & the Missing Element” (March 2021) Lily & Co. Publishing
  • “Cirque’ de Trash” (October 13, 2021) Lily & Co. Publishing

I am so excited to bring you these stories I have worked on for over 20 years.

Here is a re-cap of Charlie’s adventures thus far…

A synopsis of the Charlie’s Head Series

In the first book of the CHARLIES’ HEAD series we meet a boy named Charlie who learns through many mishaps that he has a powerful magic inside of his head. He is fearful of this at first but soon learns he can control it. He befriends his imagination which leads him to find the magic of creation.

We see him next in CHARLIE GOES TO SEA, where he teaches his best friend Ellie about the fun of creating whatever you want inside your head. Together they imagine a colorful and brave new world. By doing this, Ellie conquers her fear of crabs and is able to save her precious goldfish. They soon realize that two imaginations are more powerful that one and together they are more powerful to create change.

We meet up with him once again in CHARLIE GETS SPOOKED when his Mom and two sisters travel to Salem Massechusetts for Halloween. Suddenly their Mom disappears. They are now lost in a costume parade when an evil Witch abducts the three of them. She attempts to steal their imaginative powers and bottle them up so she can sell the power potion to her evil friends! Charlie and his sisters combine their will to win. They team up to defeat her. After this frightening ordeal, they realize how much power the imagination actually holds and that it belongs only to them. Charlie and his sisters vow to always protect their new found power.

In the upcoming picture-book CHARLIE AND THE MISSING ELEMENT (October 13, 2021) you will meet up with Charlie and his sisters once again. The three of them work together only to find their powers are super strong. They search for the missing element to open the bottled up potion they all hold. The beautiful revelation they discover leads to the realization that together they can unlock super powers to create the world they have always wanted to live in.

THE CHARLIE’S HEAD SERIES teaches that all human beings have a special magic within themselves. You only need to find the missing element to activate it. Even the famous ALBERT EINSTEIN knew this.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”

Albert Einstein

In closing, I really look forward to meeting and speaking with all my young readers. I am very excited to teach them about the abundant world of imagination that we swim and breathe in daily.

Be sure to check out Story Time Live with Erin at The Altered Story Book Theater Channel on Youtube.

Until next time,

Stay Creative!

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RI Monthly Magazine Visits The Story Emporium

First off let me say that RI Monthly Magazine is a wonderful publication with amazing workers. They came to The Story Emporium and spent the entire day taking in the atmosphere and if I’m not mistaken, we had a wonderful time! I am excited to say we will be featured in the March issue in the “CURRENT” section edited by Jamie Coelho so be sure to keep yours eyes peeled for that piece!

I am also thrilled to announce that my wonderful Mom has completed my 1700’s style steampunk outfit for me to wear at The Story Emporium on Saturday’s during The Farmer’s Market. I chose this outfit to wear not only because I love the Steampunk era/style but also because my novel coming out this year is reminissant of this period clothing so I have decided to conduct all of my book signings for “A Trashy Novel” in this amazing new costume.

So if you happen to see a victorian style dressed woman wandering the halls of The Farmer’s Market at The Hope Artiste Village be sure to follow her into The Story Emporium because you can bet there will be a children’s author or illustrator waiting inside by the fireplace reading to children, doing crafts, and signing their own books!

So in summary I would like to thank the wonderful team at RI Monthly for coming out to do a story on our cozy little corner of The Hope Artiste Village at 1005 Main Street in Pawtucket RI as well as my beautiful Mother who works so hard everyday to keep The Story Emporium looking beautiful.

Thanks so much to everyone involved in the creation and upkeep of the THE STORY EMPORIUM. I believe so deep in my heart that we can change the lives of all our little readers whether it be helping them read, expanding their talents in art and writing, or just giving them a safe haven to sit in a world of make-believe for a little while. Let’s all keep up the good work together!

                      Erin T. Whalen

            Children’s Author & Illustrator    

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Our Wednesday Visiting Author is….

Good Morning! I would like to announce that tonight from 4-7 Joan Creamer will be fireside at The Story Emporium signing her MAGIC SEPTER SERIES. A beautifully illustrated series of picture books. Joan is not only the author but the illustrator as well. Come visit us tonight and purchase a present that will surely touch someone’s heart this Holiday season.

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Wednesday Author Visit

This Wednesday, November 30th come to The Story Emporium to meet Carol Ekster! She will be signing her books from 4-7pm. 

Did you ever loose something, because your room was so messy? That is exactly what happened to Ruth the Sleuth.  As she searches her very messy room for a potholder she borrowed from her mother.  Ruth the Sleuth gets distracted again and again by the wonderful items she finds within her mess. But, will she be able to find her mom’s potholder in time to have cookies with her friend, Zack? 

Where am I Sleeping Tonight?

“Ever wake up and not know where you are?  Not sure if your homework is due today or tomorrow?  Can’t remember if you have hockey practice tonight? Forgot your homework at your Mom’s and now you’re at your Dad‘s and can’t get it done? Welcome to the world of Mark and Evan…ever since their parentsdivorce their lives and schedules have been scrambled leaving them feeling confused, frustrated, and even a little angry with their parents for getting a divorce.  But with time, effort, and the assitance of Mark’s parents and teacher, Mark gets a little more organized, and most importantly, starts to come to terms with his parents’ divorce.”


Pied Piper

The Pied Piper Visited The Story Emporium

The Pied Piper came to The Story Emporium today to recite a poem. He wore so many different hats! Thank you so much for the visit Mr. Pied Piper of Hamlin!




We are so glad you stopped by. So many great things will be happening here in the month of November including our GRAND OPENING on Saturday, November 5th. From 10-2 you can come visit our store, eat cake, and enjoy plentiful balloons! Erin T. Whalen, founder of The Story Emporium, will be signing her three children’s picture books and showing her original art gallery.

our cozy fireplace
where story time and author interviews are held