Dusty Butterfly Painting Completed


I have put another painting on THE STORY EMPORIUM wall, this one is of The Dusty Butterfly who plays quite a large role in “A Trashy Novel” –  my latest book that is in the editing stage… hooray! While writing this novel I thought I would never see the end of it but finally after years of thinking and percolating ideas then 2 years of putting it together I finally have the evidence of a finished piece of work. When I wrote and illustrated my three picture books the same process took place where I felt hopeless and couldn’t finish. I have to say the novel was the worst of all four books when it came to the ominous feeling of complete and utter doom that I would never reach the end. The great part is the more I wrote it and got to know each character and how they all related to each other the plots twisted into each other naturally and a real world full of fantasy blossomed and came to life. What a feeling of accomplishment! All I have to say at this point in the process is I truly hope you come to love and enjoy the characters I created and get lost in the world I created for them. If you do then I can happily say, I’ve done my job. 

Thank you everyone who follows my work and especially those who pass the word on about it to their friends. It’s through you that my work becomes known and enjoyed by others and to be quite honest is what makes the many hours of creating worth it. 

Please feel free to visit my studio any Saturday at http://www.thestoryemporium.org and see what my latest creations are. 

Until next time…. keep creating!


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RI Monthly Magazine Visits The Story Emporium

First off let me say that RI Monthly Magazine is a wonderful publication with amazing workers. They came to The Story Emporium and spent the entire day taking in the atmosphere and if I’m not mistaken, we had a wonderful time! I am excited to say we will be featured in the March issue in the “CURRENT” section edited by Jamie Coelho so be sure to keep yours eyes peeled for that piece!

I am also thrilled to announce that my wonderful Mom has completed my 1700’s style steampunk outfit for me to wear at The Story Emporium on Saturday’s during The Farmer’s Market. I chose this outfit to wear not only because I love the Steampunk era/style but also because my novel coming out this year is reminissant of this period clothing so I have decided to conduct all of my book signings for “A Trashy Novel” in this amazing new costume.

So if you happen to see a victorian style dressed woman wandering the halls of The Farmer’s Market at The Hope Artiste Village be sure to follow her into The Story Emporium because you can bet there will be a children’s author or illustrator waiting inside by the fireplace reading to children, doing crafts, and signing their own books!

So in summary I would like to thank the wonderful team at RI Monthly for coming out to do a story on our cozy little corner of The Hope Artiste Village at 1005 Main Street in Pawtucket RI as well as my beautiful Mother who works so hard everyday to keep The Story Emporium looking beautiful.

Thanks so much to everyone involved in the creation and upkeep of the THE STORY EMPORIUM. I believe so deep in my heart that we can change the lives of all our little readers whether it be helping them read, expanding their talents in art and writing, or just giving them a safe haven to sit in a world of make-believe for a little while. Let’s all keep up the good work together!

                      Erin T. Whalen

            Children’s Author & Illustrator