Painting and Novels and such…

I’ve been busy, yes I have. True, I’ve been scarce but that certainly doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. I’ve been editing my novel getting it ready to send to an agent and pondering my parenting. That alone can take up all of one’s time – never mind getting the laundry and dishes done. So much to do when children are in your life.

Anyway, I started this painting about a month ago. I have done more on it since but don’t have the photos to show it. I’ll get some photos next Wednesday. For now enjoy my new weird guy….



Here is a close up of his kooky eyes. You know, a man came into my studio today and asked where I get my ideas for characters from and I had to admit to him… they all live in a dark place in my brain. A corner that I reach into and pull them out of. They like to hide in the shadows but I reach right in and pull them out, and then I stick them on my canvas for you to see.

Same picture here just in a different light. I like to see how the painting changes in different lighting and camera angles. Some people have even told me that the photos don’t do my work justice, once they are seen in person the experience is much different. I thought that was interesting to hear from an observer.

I named him the book vampire. He loves to devour books and lives behind the library shelves. If you listen very carefully when you sit in the library you may hear him sinking his fangs into some great works of fiction and sucking the story right out.

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