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Writer’s Nest

Evil Ringmaster steals the show!
Evil Ringmaster controls the show

The deeper I travel into this novel the more I love it! I am sitting upstairs in what I call my ‘writing nest’ and tapping away at the keyboard. Although my back is hurting me badly I am managing to type lying down on my daughters bean bag. Pain pill helps as well. Cross your fingers for me and perhaps you will have this very book in hand by the spring!


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Nest

  1. I recently came upon your blog when I was trying to get my own one up. My name is Erin T Whalen and I am an artist as well. I read your blog which I found fascinating because of the disablility. You have what my mom has. I also have a disability as well. I suffer from osteogensis imperfecta it is currently known as brittle bones. I have had thousands of broken bones and over 20 major surgeries. I have been in pain all my life and art has been a wonderful way for me to deal with the many hours that I spend at home or in bed.I studied art mostly with my grandfather, he was a trained mural painter. He graduated from Yale school of fine arts in 1950. He was my inspiration in creating mostly modern paintings. I would love to hear from you. I have never known anyone with the same name as me and the fact that we both suffer from a disability is unbelieveble.

    1. That IS amazing! It seems there are alot of Erin Whalens that write or draw or both. When I went to get it was taken by another writer! I couldn’t believe it, what are the chances? So I had to go with … Weird isn’t it? I hope you are handling your disability okay. I can’t work through a day without excruciating pain. It’s awful because I love my work.The fact that you are disabled like me with a bone condition is a whole other level of weird. I hope you keep up your craft even through the pain. Art is so healing to the soul. Please keep in touch and send me the link to your blog so I can see you work. Thanks for getting in touch!

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