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The Ever-Changing Novel

Once again my novel has morphed into something I never expected. I outline and plan and write and then BANG – my story takes me in a different direction. Not a bad thing though, because the story is taking on a deeper meaning for me. I have learned one thing while writing this book, well actually I’ve learned many things šŸ™‚ but the one thing I learned that I am talking about here is how many levels the author can go into a book. The best I can explain it is like a deep hypnosis where you start with one thought and you go deeper into the trance and go down to another thought. While doing all of this you learn so many things about yourself and the issues you are dealing with. It is such an amazing process and that is why it takes so long.

Sometimes you hit a place you never knew existed and you just have to explore it. You can’t ignore it and go back to your original outline. Your story is telling you something, leading you somewhere that NEEDS to be explored and like any good writer – you put on your explorer hat (you know the kind with the little light on the top) and go deeper into the dark to see what your story is telling you. I think the best way to describe writing a story to all the readers out there is that the writer is the first to FIND the story, explore it, take notes along the way, and come back to tell about it.

We don’t make the stories up, we find them and explore them, then come back and report on them. The next time someone asks me what I do for a living, I am going to tell them I am an explorer.

I have to go back to my expedition now… I will report back to you a little later.


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