Finished 2 of my Paintings and Sold One!

Painting has been an amazing release for me. I forgot how theraputic it was! My son told me the other day (he is 20 years old) that the best memories he has of me from when he was little was coming home from school and seeing me sitting on the floor amongst all my paints and creating with music going. He told me he used to say in his head “That’s my Mom!” How cute is that?!?!

Here are my finished paintings you have seen me begin on this blog and I am going to upload another I started in my next post and continue with this line of paintings. I absolutely LOVE them!

I had a few people wanting the lady in the tub and I finally sold it to one of the bidders. I am sad to say good-bye to it but proud to see it go out into the world where it can make its own way and influence people. After all, we make art to pass on our expressions and feelings.

The words hurt girl is up on sale now at my etsy art store and there is so much more to come so keep an eye out!!!!

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