High Anxiety Painting

Mmmk…. now she is in the tub and I have added some bubbles and a little hair under it. The process of what to put on the painting next is giving me anxiety and I don’t think that is the emotion I was looking for when starting these mixed media pieces. I am going to go ahead and finish this piece up then post it and hope I get some kind of input from my readers. I know there are only 3 but any input helps right?

I am also continuing on my verbal abuse painting and then onto my third that I am going to post right after this one. The third is a modern day mom and all of her worries for her children growing up in this world in the state it is in. (If you can’t tell, I’m a high-strung nervous Mom…LOL)
Well, hope to hear from someone soon.
Thanks again for taking the time from your day to read.

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