Hello once again. I have spent the past three months in my bed due to some bulging disks so I have not been able to produce much. It has been tough being laid up like this but it also has given me a plethora of new ideas to work on. When I sit physically still for too long my mind doesn’t and I go on these amazing journeys in my mind only to come back to reality with so much new material to work with!
The first sketch in this post is the continuation of a drawing I had posted earlier. 
First off here is the continuation of my project I had previously posted ( to the right )
This project is a very exciting one for me because it is actually an  illustration of my YA novel I have been working so hard on. I am contemplating on making this book a digital one with an option to order a paperback. It just seems so much more intricate when my readers can virtually enter my made up world. I am not too sure if this is in fact the route I will be taking but the possibility of it is quite good. I do not have a web designer as I do all of the graphics and stuff myself I like to have total creative control so the learning html part is holding me back a bit. Who knows, I may give up and hire a web designer to work with me so I can get it created and out to my readers more quickly because truth be told they have been waiting for this follow up novel from the Charlie’s Head books forever. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think about the direction of this project. Your feedback would be so helpful and VERY much appreciated.

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