Hello. I am posting some of my digital art tonight. I sketched directly on my tablet computer and used photoshop to digitally paint the image. I had so much fun doing this and I look forward to many more like this. I have decided to go ahead and illustrate my current book with this style. 

I am trying very hard to focus on my art while the rest of the world including the USA is falling apart around me. I feel there is not too much I can do to stop the free fall we are in which makes me extremely uncomfortable. I just thank God I have my art to keep me afloat. It is not only a GREAT skill to have when work is scarce but it also helps to escape into my own pretend worlds while I create them. I can remember as a child going into my own worlds with my pencils. I never imagined I would still be doing it as an adult. Again, thanks so much for following my sketch blog and I look forward to any comments. 

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