The ‘not so great’ sketchcrawl

Okay, here is my one little result from a day of sketching. I had a great plan of going to all the great historical places in RI and sketch a bunch of them but I got up too late and went too quickly  thinking the snow was going to come. Little did I know It was not going to hit until tonight. Oh well. Live and learn… next sketch crawl will be better planned.

This drawing is of a sign with a bicycle hung on it. I came across it on Benefit Street in Providence when I was looking for Edgar Allen Poe’s old hangout. I never did locate the house where he hung out (should’ve looked it up before I got there) so I figured I would sketch whatever caught my eye… and here it is. 
I may not have had the successful sketch crawl I imagined but I did keep my 2009 promise – I drew today! 

2 thoughts on “The ‘not so great’ sketchcrawl

  1. Nice!Ah… Providence… fond memories…I lived on there 79-82The bicycle reminds me of RISD’s application process… 3 drawings: a self portrait, a shoe and a bicycle

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