My telephone

I like my telephone best when its quiet. It looks so pretty just sitting there all old fashioned and stuff. I always wanted to draw it and would ‘some day’ so here it is some day… and if it wasn’t for this sketchblog challenge I most likely would have never drawn my favorite telephone. I have only just started it but I do intend to finish it and will post it in stages. I did join the EDM group on yahoo and need to complete my weekly challenge there. Each week they post something you need to draw from every day life hence the group name ‘every day matters’ This week it is a soda can. I managed to get one from a friend today because I personally don’t like to drink the poison at my house so I never buy it but when I do occasionally drink it, its ALWAYS a coke. So that is the can I chose to draw. I will be posting it tomorrow. 

Saturday I am joining the worldwide sketch crawl I mentioned in my last post so there will be plenty of sketches posted Saturday night!

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