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End of a great year…

2011 was a crazy year. As I look back to reflect I can’t believe what major things have happened in my life and all in one year to boot! I didn’t blog a lot but I did write it all down in my journal / morning pages. I had wonderful things and terrible things happen, the spectrum was wide and all of it was excellent. By excellent I mean that I can take away from these experiences great writing whether it’s weaved into a fictional piece or written as a memoir. Through reflection I can see that is what’s important about all the events in our lives. To take the emotion away from the experience and learn from it, write about it and celebrate it.

I have decided I am going to write a list of all the good things and all the bad things that happened to me this year. I challenge all of you to do the same. I am willing to bet we all strike a pretty good balance and those who don’t I imagine next year will bring that balance for you. It is a fact that all good can’t happen to one person or for that matter all bad. What goes up must come down right? It’s true, when things are going really bad for me I always remember that the universe tends to balance things off and good will be on its way in no time. It seems to always prove right unless I’m a crazy optimist and am making it all up. (I do make things up)

So I am off to write my balanced list to see if it is in fact balanced or unbalanced and only then will I know what the New Year has in store for me.

Good luck with yours!



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