The Author’s Clubhouse

The Author’s Clubhouse is an interview platform produced at THE STORY EMPORIUM.

Channel 12 Local News visits THE STORY EMPORIUM

Each week a children’s author or illustrator comes to The Story Emporium to be interviewed by Erin T Whalen. To view an episode just click the one you’d like to see.

Interview with AC Gaughen – Author of ‘Scarlet’

Interview with Cathren Housley – Illustrator of ‘Christmas Cats’

Interview with Leslie Bulion – Author of ‘Hey There Stink Bug’

Interview with Joan Klatil Creamer – Author & Illustrator of “The Magic Septre Series”

Interview with Jennifer Carson – Author of “Happeny Magic”

Interview with Carol Ekster- Author of “Ruth The Sleuth and The Messy Room”

Interview with Jane Sutton – Author of “Don’t Call Me Sydney”                                                       

Interview with Mark Binder – Author of “It Ate My Sister”

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