Halloween is coming soooon……

 I have decided to skip the Salem Ball this year so we can begin our own in Providence RI. What do you think? There are plenty of Witches here that I know who practice in RI every day. C'mon sisters, let's celebrate in our very own beautiful city of Providence!  Erin 


September 2014 Paintings and Activities!!!


September Calendar is here!!!!

To all those who were patient enough to wait ... thank you! My life has been very busy but I am happy to say it just got significantly simpler! I will be teaching full time (well creating full time anyway). With that said, here is the September calendar and I will also post October to… Continue reading September Calendar is here!!!!


New paintings for Drink and Paint night coming……

I have been asked to hurry it up with the new calendar however I am finding so many choices to choose from for the new assortment of pieces to teach! But I assure you... the calendar will be up and ready for sign ups by days end. Until then, email me with any painting ideas you… Continue reading New paintings for Drink and Paint night coming……


Click on New Calendar of Events to Print!



Drink and Paint Calendar

Drink and Paint CalendarThe Calendar is up. All Drink and Painting will happen at 110 Main Street in Suite 304. Located in East Greenwich! Classes are every weekday evening from 6:30-9pm. (Only 7 per class allowed so be sure to sign your entire group up at once)If you would prefer to hold a Drink and… Continue reading Drink and Paint Calendar


finished Acrylic …

Ta Daaaaa Ooops ... forgot to add the steam on the coffee Here is the one with Steam 🙂 ... gotta have steam right?  thanks... e


Finally learning to control Acrylic…

Here is my 'practice' piece. Ugly I know ... but this piece was created only to learn to blend acrylics. I am VERY happy with the level of control I have over the paint now. I really thought I would never get along with Acrylics. I am a long time lover of Oil paint and… Continue reading Finally learning to control Acrylic…

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Drinking and Painting?

Okay... the newest thing seems to be to drink and paint. I am on board with it now that so many of you requested I host this type of gathering. I have secured two places for us to meet and paint so far. One is a bar for you drinkers out there 😉 and the… Continue reading Drinking and Painting?

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The simple things I’m thankful for…

So many things to complain about lately. The weather, not enough money, the ex-husband ... you know this story as well as I do. We all do it. Every one of us gets wrapped up in the minor speed bumps in life however, if we are not careful, we could be consumed by it. I have… Continue reading The simple things I’m thankful for…