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New writing studio… no writing :(

I have a new writing studio. I thought it may help my brain and get the words flowing but I am getting nothing. So I will do what all good writers do – cry.

No really, I’m just kidding. I am going to write on my blogs and free write in my notebooks. Perhaps I will churn something up. It usually works and I’m sure it will again.

I dug these drawings from college up and thought I would share them with you … I found them while setting up new writing / art   studio. Let me know what you think.

The Doors : Reverse drawing
The Doors : Reverse drawing
Oh sad sad death
"Oh sad sad DEATH"

2 thoughts on “New writing studio… no writing :(

  1. love these pictures. when i look at this aemsowe family i can’t help to smile with them. You guys did a great job capturing that bubbly personality there whole family has. love love love these.

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